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Saturday, April 6, 2013

hp g60 board available in lowest price


Specifications for HP G60 Motherboard 578233-001:

HP Laptop Model No.:HP G60

HP Motherboard part number: 578233-001

HP Motherboard Chipset type: INTEL

Graphics Card Type:Integrated

Additional information:

We Delivery motherboards to oversea countries

Conditions:100% tested before shipment,almost new.

Warranty: 90 days

Overheat Symptoms:
Temperature monitoring software reporting constant temperatures above 70++ celsius.
- Keyboard & bottom of laptop are extremely hot
- Slow down in laptop performance
- Laptop randomly shuts down on it’s own.
- Distorted display, lines or scrambled screen – video hardware overheat – defective possibly

Overheat Motherboard Failure Symptoms:
- Power lights, LED lights flash and turn off
- Power lights on, no display on screen, caps light flashing
- No power lights, no display, caps light flashing
- Power lights, caps light flash on and off – laptop does not turn on
- No power on at all (Also Broken Dc Jack Symptom)

HP G60 – HP G62 Overheat Repair – Cooling Modification 

- Complete Dis-Assembly Of The Laptop
- Clean Cooling Fan & Heatsink Exhaust
- Oil Fan
- Clean HP’s Old Thermal Compound Off CPU
- Clean & Polish Heatsink Contact Area
- Repaste CPU & GPU With Quality Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound
- Drill Out Few More Vent Holes In Bottom Casing While Dis-Assembled (With Owners Permission)
- Clean System Board
- Re-Assemble Laptop
- Check For Bio’s Update
- Check Program Startups & Services Anything Running CPU At High %

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