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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dell inspiron N5010 Graphic conversion.

Dell inspiron n 5010 graphic board can be converted to Non graphic board.

Price : 3,000 /-rs.

(For conversion only)

Generally It is not possible to convert any sort of with graphic motherboard as with out graphic
board. But in ITSERVICE, the technology and the intelligent chip-level engineers can do that successfully.

Bring your old dell n5010 graphic motherboard and the same can be manipulated to without graphic board with out changing the heat sink or any other components. More over we are issuing 3 months warranty for the converted motherboard.

It's not just blowing pattern or doing with BGA machine. we will remove the graphic chip itself and with out the chip the motherboard can work as it's previous state.


  1. I am having same problem.
    Can u provide ur contact detail.

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